You do not need to register anywhere, just login into the game with your desired username and password. If you receive "invalid username or password" that username has been taken, use a different one.

Windows / Mac / Linux - Loader

The loader, gets the latest client from the server and allows you to begin playing straight away.

If you have issues using this and you're on windows try using our Windows Setup version below, it fixes 99% of common issues with Java.

Mac Client

Our OSX native app binary contains Java and the client allowing you to simply download, unpack and play.

Windows Setup

The windows setup is the easiest way to play, it includes the latest java bundled in the application folder. So all you need to do is click and play from your desktop or start menu.

Cache Deleter

If you're getting stuck loading the client, or black screen issues. Try downloading and running our cache deleter, giving you a fresh cache to start off with again.

Make sure all instances of the client are closed before running this application.

Trouble Playing?

You can get help and support on our forums by simply registering an account on the forums and posting in Game Support.