Best time on Crandor

22 Sep 2016 By James

Hey everyone. I was looking through old pictures of Crandor on my computer and it really brought back some good memories had on Crandor over these past 8 months. One thing I've always enjoyed is looking back on old pictures/videos of Crandor and seeing stuff that stuck out to the community that made them save the image, and just looking at the server through a players view. Crandor has come a long ways these past few months and the future is only looking brighter!

With that being said, if anyone has a moment in Crandor that has stuck out to them we would love hear it! Any old pictures/videos can only make it better!

My favorite memory

One memory that sticks out to me was our Easter event March 27th 2016. We had an hour long easter egg drop (Tyler and I running around dropping them) and seeing everyone teleporting from place to place watching the clan chat blow up when someone found one and you see 30 people teleport there. Then after we had the drop party where we dropped the bunny ears (which I dont see much of those these days?) and had 100 people running around trying to get them.

So let us know some stories/pictures you have!

Voter of the month August!

02 Sep 2016 By James

Congratulations to the winner Iron 55! Awesome job on beating everyone out this month. First time an ironman has taken the award, check out your prize!

Be sure to Vote every 12 hours so you can win Voter of the month for september!

Voter of the month July!

02 Aug 2016 By James

And the winner is.........................................Michael! Congrats on the victory and thank you for voting! The prize this month is full Virtus, 50 donor points, Mabels ring, and ofcourse the prestigious Voter of the Month rank!

We hope this encourages everyone to keep voting every 12 hours so you can win for the month of August!

Castle Wars Event! 7/31/16

29 Jul 2016 By James

James vs Tyler Sunday July 31st!

Greetings! This Sunday, July 31st 12:30PM central time, we will be hosting a server wide castle wars event! As one of our all time favorite minigames that we all loved playing back in the day we want to bring back the great memories with a huge battle. We would love to get a big game going with 30+ players on each team. I will be on the Saradomin team and Tyler will be the Zamorak team, may the best man win! So if you are interested please come to the castle wars minigame teleport Sunday July 31st t 12:30 central time and lets have a fun event!

If you don't know how to play, please read this page!

What do you want to see next?

28 Jul 2016 By Tyler

Well since we got online around 6 months ago in February we have added a large amount of content, big and small. We've always made it our goal to add as much content possible so we can match up every other rsps, and I believe we have done so. But I have been out of the runescape scene for many many years, and I'm wondering what do you guys think would be some great updates for us to add in the near coming future? I'm aiming to hear actual updates from you guys, please refrain from little tiny suggestions or bugs (we have other sections for that)

We want to try and get an idea of actual game play content that you guys would all love to see. There are no real limits of what our developer(s) can do, so whatever you guys post it can be added. Get engaged with what others post on this thread so we can also see what ideas have the highest interest in, we are reaching out to you guys to see what you want added.